Flood Defence Solutions

Waterfront Flood Defence SolutionsWaterfront have designed a range of flood defence products that can be used as a simple means of protection against flooding events for residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure application for all levels of flood risk.

Our engineers are experts in the field of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning a wide range of flood defence products that work preventatively to stop the catastrophic damage that flooding events can cause.

We can help advise our clients on the most economical product to suit the flood risk for each individual project and design and manufacture to suit exact specifications.

HDPE Flap Valves

HDPE Flap Valve

Flexible and light-weight design to suit any installation type.

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Waterfront Flood Gates

Flood Gates

Bespoke Flood Gate solution adaptable to a wide variety of demands.

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Waterfront Flood Walls

Flood Walls

Fully removable flush-finish perimeter flood defences.

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We are leaders in the field of flood defence and flow control solutions.