Demountable Stoplogs

Demountable Stop Logs

Waterfront designs a range of demountable stoplogs that can be specified to project-specific requirements. Demountable stoplogs differ from our ‘standard’ stoplog range in that they are completely removable, including the frame and intermediate posts. These can either be used as a temporary or permanent structure dependant on application.

They are lightweight and corrosion resistant that can be used for isolation duties. Waterfront stop logs are designed and manufactured to suit modern industrial and domestic effluent environments. Stoplogs are suitable for isolation duties and applications where single piece stop gates would be to heavy to lift or where multiple door sections are required.


  • Completely removable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ease of operation
  • Choice of frame materials
  • Mechanically fixed renewable seals
  • Low Maintainence
  • Lower installation costs using expanding safety bolts
  • Custom built to customer requirement

Demountable Stop Logs – Size & Materials Characteristics

Demountable stoplogs are available to be designed and manufactured for project specific requirements.


  • Frame: Manufactured from mild steel to BS970 or BS1449 stainless steel Grades 304 or 316. Stainless steel frames are natural finish
  • Frame Seal: Resilient EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) wiping type seals having an angled lip seal. Seals are fitted to the seating and unseating sides of the frame. EPDM is chosen for greater resistance over neoprene to ultra violet degradation
  • Logs: Are manufactured from aluminium to EN753-3 Interlog seal: EPDM or neoprene as necessary

Demountable Stop Logs – Fixing Arrangements/Lifting Equipment

Standard fixing arrangements are:

  • a. Channel fixing into prepared rebates in channel walls and floor
  • b. Wall fixing onto a flat vertical wall with invert recessed into floor
  • c. Side wall fixing
  • d. Wall fixing at invert
  • e. Any combination of a), b), c) and d)

Lifting Arrangements

Waterfront manufacture and supply lifting poles and beams to suit client requirements to aid moving and handling the stoplogs.