Fish Friendly Flap Valves

Waterfront design and manufacture a range of ‘fish friendly’ flap valves that are used to help the migration of fish around water flow control equipment.

Our design is based on our standard HDPE flap valve which has a smaller, upside down pet flap attached to the front; attached to this pet flap is a float on the end of a stainless steel arm. On low flows the pet flap will remain open to allow for the continued movement of fish. On higher flows the flap will close once the float reaches a vertical position.


Our design features high duty corrosion resistant construction with less hydraulic losses while still allowing for a light weight design that will allow easier and cheaper installation costs.

  • Size Range: Designed bespoke to project specific requirements.
  • Pressure: Standard 6 mwc/0.6 bar, other pressures available.
  • Materials: Combination of HDPE and stainless steel 316 reinforcements.
Fish Friendly Flap Valve Drawing fish-friendly-drawing-2