Wall Mounted Penstock

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Penstocks

The primary application of Waterfront Wall Mounted Penstocks is the flow control and isolation of fluids associated with water, sewage treatment plants, power generation irrigation schemes and process plants.


  • Type: Full frame with direct-on operating gear or open frame with remote operating gear
  • Size Range: Designed to suit project specific requirements
  • Pressure: Up to 10m head of water, on and off seating
  • Materials: Stainless Steel Grade SS304, SS316, Super Duplex, Mild Steel with protective coatings

Selection Considerations

  • Size of gate required?
  • In which direction is the flow to be controlled?
  • Will it force the door on to or away from its sealing face?
  • Mounting considerations –Wall, channel, end wall, side wall, rebate mounted?
  • Method of operation?
  • Differential head in metres under static and opening/closing conditions?


Having selected the basic frame type it is then necessary to specify one of the Following alternatives:

Is the gate to take…

  • Off-seating head?
  • On-seating head?
  • On and off –seating head ?

On-seating head – Pressure forcing the door onto the frame.

Off-seating head – Pressure forcing the door away from the frame.

Modulating penstocks for flow control purposes where gates may be frequently repositioned and utilise only a portion of the full stroke, require special consideration and may necessitate……

  • Larger than standard stems
  • Slow operating speeder
  • Continuously rated motors on actuators
  • Special heat absorbing drive shelves

Remote operation

Thrust direct on a frame – Non-rising extension systems. Non rising stems rotate through a gunmetal nut in the penstock door. The screwed portion of the stem at the bottom is probably immersed in the water, effluent etc.

Full frame

Used where thrust reaction is accommodated at the top of the frame.

Rising stems

Are connected to the penstock door and work through a revolving bronze nut located in the operating gear. The screw thread at the top of the stem is generally not immersed and is readily accessible for lubrication.

Open top frame

Used where thrust reaction is accommodated at a point other than the top of the frame.


Penstocks can be supplied with the following accessories:

  • Stem Guides
  • Couplings
  • Stem Adaptor
  • Muff Couplings

Fixing Methods

Wall mounted penstocks are fixed to a vertical end of wall channels, chambers or similar structures by means of foundation bolts utilising a sand/cement non shrink grout to effect a seal between the wall and penstock frame.